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A typographical design concept exploring the theme Lost.

Investigation of the widest interpretation of the theme from historical, cultural and global perspectives, drawing upon references to different eras, societies, social groups, generations etc.

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In order to illustrate this theme, Hyperreality, I decided to create a booklet, with a typographic exploration explaining the topic.

The booklet is divided by chapters where each of the chapters is illustrated by a typographic exploration that gives the idea of an amazing/perfect reality but at the same time a little obscure due to its fakeness.

To achieve this visual idea, in addition to a typography exploration, I also edited some images and explored colour and some different materials.


To reinforce the concept in a visual way I decided to create a transparent box as if it were the representation of our reality, that contains inside a mirror that represents the reflection of our reality as an almost perfect simulation.

2019-04-07 33.JPG.png
2019-04-07 31.JPG.png
Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 18.39.21.png

London West Gallery, Harrow

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