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This concept will use typography to convey the idea of being lost in a hyperreal world.

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To illustrate the theme of Hyperreality, I've designed a booklet that explores this concept through typography. 

The booklet is divided into chapters, each accompanied by typographical elements. These elements aim to convey the notion of an awe-inspiring and seemingly perfect reality, tinged with an underlying sense of artificiality.

To enhance this visual concept, I've not only delved into typography but also manipulated images, experimented with colors, and utilized various materials.

As a visual reinforcement of the concept, I've created a transparent box, symbolizing our reality. Within this box, there's a mirror, representing the reflection of our reality, almost like a flawless simulation.

2019-04-07 33.JPG.png
2019-04-07 31.JPG.png
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London West Gallery, Harrow

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