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Coronaverses Collective

Coronaverses Collective

Coronaverses Collective

 Coronaverses Collective is a non-profit zine project that seeks to catalogue poetry and illustrations born from the pandemic. In Issue 2 I had the opportunity to be part of their team where we explore both the emerging themes from the second wave and the dissolution of the arts industry. Through 86 pages of original poetry, artwork and photography we share experiences from a gruelling winter and reminisce longingly on moments sketched in memory. With unique but familiar stories, we begin to spot the light at the end of the tunnel.


Cover Design by me ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯                      Issue #2 dropped on Valentine’s Day             Made with love <3

Design experimentation 

Issue 2 looks at the events leading up to the second lockdown in the UK ------  As art/artists are repeatedly undervalued during this time, charities like @saveoursceneuk are so important in keeping music and culture alive. Therefore, all proceeds for Issue 2 will be donated to Save Our Scene UK, to help support artists during difficult times.

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experimenting 11.png

sound waves inspiration

missing the euphoria when DJs make waves in the atmosphere, the connection between the musicians and the listeners 


Skulls inspiration

All musicians are going through a difficult phase --- harder to share their art, especially the musicians who rely on gigs as their main source of income and expression. I wanted to give them a voice, even if they feel dying. There are still valued and need to be heard.

The detail on the eyes illustrate the power that are still inside all artists. 

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