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It’s not easy nowadays to be focused when surrounded by information conveyed using a bevvy of media, from the most strict to the most flashy. We are overwhelmed with various distractions, especially the small screen that we carry with us at all times, which has now become our eyes.

It’s increasingly frequent to access several channels simultaneously. Our brains are working in multitasking mode and increasing the speed at which we process information. Some of us have even become addicted to this. Our reality is changing as well as our behaviours, which lead us to new realities.

In our busy life, information is absorbed more efficiently if we apply the concept “show, don’t tell”, appealing to all five senses as well as making the use of all new technologies. A new design is emerging with more awareness of the physical and digital component, exploring this duality so that, in addition, they can provide new and profound experiences.
Observing this frantic, almost crazy way we live, leads me to question how our digital society will unfold in the future. Instead of trying to find definitive answers I choose to explore this topic through a blended experience.


For this, I took excerpts regarding the Psychological Dimension, from the book “Future Shock”, written in 1970, by sociologist and futurologist Alvin Toffler, where he described the mind effects on people who face intense change or information overwhelming. In this sense, and 50 years later, the text is an accurate description of today’s life and society.

Altogether, this experience blends a physical designed object with a new technology, Augmented reality, the type of experience that makes you reflect on all these changes in our society. Thus, if digital can create immersive experiences through audiovisual resources, print can also take advantage of its own sensorial qualities.

Every element in the publication with a gradient filled represents an holographic foil printing





Overstimulated Individual


Bombardments Of The Senses


Information Overload


Victims of Futures Shock


Decision Stress


Future Shock Society


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